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MrJamesMcManus is a personal brand that provides social media and marketing, website design, branding and more.

I have had over three years experience working in the industry, over this time I've built up the experience, qualifications and have been proactive in building brands online. I have a love for all things tech and I love to put my own creative spin on things.



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James McManus

If you want to work with me my contact details and social handles can be found below.

Birthday: 05 SEP 1995
Website: mrjamesmcmanus.com
E-mail: james@mrjamesmcmanus.com


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  • 2014-Present

    Social Media and Marketing @ Lease4Less

    I started working for Lease4Less in 2014 on an apprenticeship for social media and marketing. Through my time at Lease4Less I have built up a professional brand that is consistent across all social media platforms that engages, informs and converts customers. Since 2014 I have built up social profiles for Lease4Less that have a consitent and engaged following.

  • 2016-2016

    Website Design @ Nutrition Rocks

    Nutrition Rocks is a website I designed and built for a nutrition magazine. The reason I took on this project is because I loved the idea of working with a brand that promotes good food and their whole ethos is just one to be admired. The website build took around 3 months.

  • 2015-2015

    Website Design @ Hala El-Shafie

    Hala El-Shafie is a registered dietitian, consultant nutritionist as well as appearing on TV shows such as Sugar Free Farm and How To Lose Weight Well. Hala wanted a website to showcase all of her work as well as keeping people informed about healthy eating. The whole website took around 2 months to build.


  • 2015-2015

    Fresh Bananas SEO Course

    In 2015 I applied to do an online course to gain a basic level of understanding in on site SEO. As some industries still massively rely on SEO as part of their marketing strategy and copywriting is involved in my role it would prove to be very useful later on in my career. I completed the course with better knowledge in landing page optimisation, onpage SEO and more.

  • 2014-2015

    The Manchester College Social Media and Marketing Diploma

    My gateway to social media and marketing was through The Manchester College. In 2014 I applied to do a year's apprenticeship studying social media and marketing for my current employer Lease4Less. I graduated in 2015 with a level 3 diploma in Social Media and Marketing within business.

  • 2012 - 2014

    Pendleton College IT Hardward Lvl 3

    In 2012 I started a two year course studying IT Hardware. Although this wasn't for me in the end, I gained valuable experience in website design, networking, branding and many other crucial skills that have helped me expand in my career path. I graduated from Pendleton College with a D*D*D in Level 3 IT Hardware and Networking.

Skills & Things about me

Social Media Guru
YouTube Buff
Fluent in Emoji
Coffee Lover
Night Owl
Music Addict


My latest projects and articles

Sunday, 24 December 2017

My 3 days of Instagram automation: Does it really work?

Okay, ever since I started my career path in social media I've always been against social media automation. I've never actually automated anything on social media, well... I use Buffer, but that's not really trying to fool people... Well, it is, ahhhh, you get what I mean!
Even though I use Buffer to schedule posts I'm still interacting and speaking with people who are connected/following. No automated messages go out on any of the accounts I manage as I feel It's better for followers to actually engage with a human.
TLDR at the bottom
Anyway... Back to the point of this post.
I decided to automate my Instagram account to see why people actually automate social media to find out:
  • Is it better than actually taking time to engage?
  • Did I lose/gain followers?
  • What do I think of social media automation now?
Account size before start: - Followers: 1,220 - Following: 2,732

What I used

I used Instagress to automate likes, comments and follows. With a bit of configuration I set my comments up and the hashtags the account would target...


I used simple comments like 'Great Post, thanks for sharing' or just a simple emoji. This way, people are less likely to know it's a bot. But at the end of the day, there's no engagement. Take for example I was checking the posts it had commented on and one of them said 'Discuss this in the comments' Well... The bot comments with an emoji obviously, that's what it's been told to do.
No real engagement, no followers gained, I just look like an idiot who's just figured out how to send emojis.
So, on the comments front, it's very broad, unless you're getting right down into a niche where you can just comment simple things, I'd just take the time to comment and engage with people.
Over the 3 days, the bot commented on a total of 383 posts. Nothing I couldn't have done myself if I'm honest in a much shorter time frame with valuable comments.


The bot was sent out to like pictures of the hashtags chosen. A total of 2,515 pictures were liked. I'm still in the process of checking what it's liked but most of them seem to be correct and appropriate for the hashtags.
Here's where my problems lie. Some people like to mention you in their comments to create a bit of engagement. e.g. 'Hey @username, thanks for the like' Well... With the bot in place, the only thing you can do manually is post pictures... So no manual commenting, liking, following or unfollowing.
If you do then it has been said in the configuration stages of the bot that your account may be locked by Instagram or your password can be changed.
So yeah, your account basically lies dormant, you can't really use it, it's essentially just a bot.


Lets first take into consideration my Instagram following/followers. Before I started this little experiment I had 1,220 followers and 2,732. Okay, yes, it's a tiny account that I have only just started using and posting to.
Now my account has 1,423 followers and it's following 7,064. To give the bot a bit of an advantage I even started posting a little, all I got was bots commenting with emojis, just like I had been doing.
If you act like a bot, you'll attract bots.


So I ran this experiment to see if bots are actually worth the time, money and effort.
My opinion of bots and automating social media stands... Human interaction is everything, once you start to post, like and comment as yourself, you will get genuine people visiting your profiles to find out more about you and to interact with you.
Using bots may work for some people, it may get you a million followers if you pump enough time and money into it, but in all fairness everything this bot has done, I can do myself, ten times better and ten times faster.
Take from this little experiment what you will. I just don't think bots are worth it. 
TLDR; I ran a three-day experiment on Instagram with Instagress to see if social media automation is worth it... No, it wasn't.
Followers: 1,220
Following: 2,732
Followers: 1,423
Following: 7,064
Followers: Gained 200
Following: Gained 4332
What do you think of social media automation?

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Hala El-Shafie - Website Build

The Brief

Hala El-Shafie needed a high-quality website that was presented professionally to showcase her work within TV and writing. The website needed to have a professional design that showcased all of her TV appearances and that she could update easily going forward. The website also had to have a shop function so that people could make payments via the website for any events that Hala would be hosting as well as any product that she may want to bring out in the future such as books or classes.

Services Provided

Full Website Build 

Hala needed a full website design and build. This was planned over a number of phone calls with draft websites to get the exact design she wanted. Through the build process Hala had full access to the website so she could navigate and see the website as it would be once it was launched.

Content Creation/Upload 

As Hala had never had a personally branded website before, a level of content creation had to be done for specific pages. This involved me writing the content for the pages, and then sending it over to Hala to fact check. As Hala had written articles for various different websites all of the articles had to be uploaded to the website to showcase her work.


A level of SEO had to be carried out on the website to make sure Hala's website ranked well for specific terms relating to her. This is why we chose the domain name that we did to make sure she ranked first for people searching her name when shows were on, also she needed to rank somewhere within the first two pages of Google for possible shows she had featured in as well as articles that she had written.


To appeal to Hala's ideal audience e.g. readers of her articles, people who watch her programs and potential business I created a simple, professional website that could hold a lot of information on a page without being saturated. The professional imagery was used throughout the website, as well as blue tinted colours combined with white, black and grey to present a good contrast in colours that would appeal to not only professional visitors, but consumers as well.

Visit Hala's website at http://halael-shafie.co.uk/

Nutrition Rocks - Website Build

Website build for Nutrition Rocks


What can I do

Social Media and Marketing

Connecting with your customers through either paid ads or organic posting can create the brand that people love and buy from.

Web Design

Your website in 2019 should be consumer centric and give the best customer experience.


The content you post on your website should be informative, professional and convert. I can create the perfect content for your brand.


There's no point in having a great website and great content if no one can find you. I can work with you to get your website ranking higher.

Video Editing

YouTube is the second biggest search engine. So why aren't you creating video content for your brand? I can edit the perfect video to present your brand or product.


I can help your business build a strong brand that appeals to your ideal customer, is recognised that delivers on your brand's message.


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